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Bruce Reynolds Rock Trio


Bruce Reynolds

Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter


Played with  John McCoy and Nicky Moore in Mammoth, Bill Hurley and the Fullmoon Blues Band, Nick Graham (Atomic Rooster), Gilbert O'Sullivan Band. 

Rob Aeberhard 



Played with Trummer, Büro Amsterdam, Rob’n’Steeph, Baraplage and Steph. 


Chris Jaussi 

Drums/ Vox 


Played with Secondo, Trummer, Alexander Paeffgen Trio (D), Zeno Tornado and the Boney Google Brothers, Wurzel 5,  5 Blue.


Don't Bring Me Down - Bruce Reynolds Rock Trio
Purple Haze - Bruce Reynolds Rock Trio
Noise - Bruce Reynolds Rock Trio
Cry Wolf - Bruce Reynolds Rock Trio

Click MX3 for more audio from the Rock Trio 



Dear Bruce and Band

I'd like to thank you once again on behalf of the whole crew for your excellent show in the Ride In.

Rock and Roll pure.

It was a wonderful experience to see and listen to such a band. Perfection, what this trio brings to the stage. 

Your show left an enduring impression on the public as well as us. Many,  many thanks !!!!!! 

Take care and see you very soon.

Thomas Zaugg - Grizzlies Ride In, Bern 


The audience in the SWS was completely happy about your concert and I heard only good critics. Great Job.

Ruedi ( Soundwerkmusic )

"I love "What a Night"! Makes me want to boogie!” 

De Jenner

"Great Solos and a tight Band. What more you need?

Thats the way I like it. Right from "The Source" . That kind of CD you like to share with good friends and a cold "Bud".

Right on! " . Cooking version of "Purple Haze. Great

Gino Ferlin 

"Sounds like Cream to me!" 

Andy Brühlmann

"Just love Cry Wolf - played it over & over. Mesmeric guitar work. If I were still editor of Guitar News Weekly & still ran, I'd happily plug it... as I'm not, I'll just play it!"

Neil Shedden 

"Amazing! Rockmusic was dead for the last 30 years and then suddenly Bruce Rock Trio shows up and plays it alive again!

Thanks man...

ps. the recording sounds very good too:-)" 

Dex / DexMusic

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