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I wrote 'Hydrogeena' to help promote the hydrogen industry. I believe and hope hydrogen will play a huge role in our future energy plans. The track features Nick Graham on vocals.


The Hydrogeena design is by Elisabetta Ercadi (© E.Ercadi)

"It's really like a musical diary. I'm surprised about the great musical diversity.. I hear so much in it. It's like taking a trip through your universe. Spain, Arabian, Classic, Jazz, Blues (of course), Reggae, Funk, Folk, Django, Rory, Mahavishnu and Simona. It's all (and more) in there. I can say only one thing: Chapeau!"

Gino Ferlin,

Suisa, "Jazz Editor Jazz'n'More"



Ciao Bruce, volevo farti i complimenti per il tuo CD, ed in particolare per i brani "Ocean", "Nocturne n, 7" e "Melancholia", che mi sono piaciuti particolarmente... Bellissimo anche il "Finale" a sorpresa..."Last post". Bravo!

Luigi Di Ilio,

concert pianist, Parma, Italy

"Just love Cry Wolf - played it over & over. Mesmeric guitar work. If I were still editor of Guitar News Weekly & still ran, I'd happily plug it... as I'm not, I'll just play it!" 

Neil Shedden

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