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When I was a young boy I washed cars with a mate and found myself with money burning a hole in my pocket. I lusted after a Phillips cassette player but my cousin playing the guitar at a family Christmas had aroused my interest. I asked Dad what to do.


“Buy a guitar and you’ll always have friends,” he answered. 


My cousin showed me my first fingerpicking patterns and I learned classical guitar at school before branching off into rock - much to the chagrin of my  guitar teacher!

After playing the London pub circuit in the late ’70’s I moved to Paris and busked for three years in France, Germany and Switzerland. Back in London I played working mens’ clubs till I got breaks - composing the Battersea Power Station Suite and joining Mammoth with John McCoy.


I moved into sessions and played live with Bill Hurley and Fullmoon and Killer Queen. I produced Mich Gerber’s first album and joined the Gilbert ‘o’ Sullivan Band.


I moved back to Europe and worked with the mezzo-soprano Simona Mango. A long term dream was fulfilled when I started Harissa Boudoir Orchestra with Leonardo Angelini. We cross Russian ballet with rock, jazz, and Arabic beats and work with a beautiful belly dancer.


I’m now living outside Malaga with Mrs Reynolds, formerly Miss Mango, and four dogs. 

I’m working on videos for my best tracks and playing in Los Guiritanos, the Cry Wolf Band and Paradise Blues Duo with Nick Graham.


If I manage to get up early enough I squeeze in two hours on my third book. 


Life is busy! I love living in Andalusia and feel inspired to create music and try and spread a little happiness in these puzzling days we're living through.



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