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'The Gift - a story of friendship, heroism and rock and roll'

The intimate diary of a highly emotional journey that starts on a stormy night in a WWII military cemetery. A call from the past - the chronicle of events in real peoples' lives from 1944 to 2010. Part memoir, part history, part travelogue with lots of music.

The author, a touring rock musician, acts as a conduit between the generations, bringing forgotten acts of courage and dedication back to life, and explores the different kinds of love between friends, lovers and family.

The book transports you into the world of a British family actively involved in both World Wars. If you enjoy reading about human relationships and destinies, you will find some extraordinary characters and events here.

Interview with Hannah Murray on the Book Show
Radio Europe - 28th April 2016

'Street Beats'


The true story of a young musician's wild and reckless years on the streets of Europe and in the Paris Métro. The story starts as he meets his first big love in London in 1979. They travel together and in Munich the Street Beats are born as three musicians get together and spend an unbelievable summer playing the streets of Germany, France and Switzerland. 

Follow the adventure through the corridors of the Paris Métro with the infamous Civil Police, sleeping rough in Stuttgart, Munich and Bern, playing in the snow of a German winter and the heat of a French summer. A story of young love pushed to breaking point, of loyalty and betrayal, of the freedom to mess up and experience life without boundaries, of run-ins with the law in three countries, magical street concerts and willing girls.

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