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The Battersea Power Station Development Project 

In 1988...

I was commissioned to compose the Battersea Suite by Firehouse, the company responsible for promoting the Battersea Development Project to business and the media.
I was invited up onto the roof of Battersea Power Station. It's massive - St Pauls Cathedral fits inside with space to spare. The rooms were done up in art deco style with beautiful parquet floors and brass fittings. 

Paul Pink recorded and engineered in Studio 7 at Capital Radio on Euston Road over the course of 2 full on nights. The music was sequenced on an Atari 1024 and I didn't quantize a note. 

They asked for and got 12 minutes of music mixed to quadrophonic and synced to multiple projectors. The Audio/Visual was set up in one of the rooms in the Battersea Power Station itself.

My good friend Pat Hoyle was invaluable during the whole project. Thanks to Paul Pink for being such a good bloke and to Sam Thomas for the generous loan of mega expensive gear.

No video was made of the AV so I picked out just a few of the 12 musical excerpts. The images come from the official brochure of the project.
Cello Theme - Bruce Reynolds
Finale - Bruce Reynolds
Redevelopment - Bruce Reynolds
High Speed Train Link - Bruce Reynolds
Future - Bruce Reynolds

Music copyright Bruce Reynolds 1988

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